Quick minutes

The perfect use-time-wisely option. With Quick Minutes from O and O Systems, you can pay as you go for any type of PC, network or electronics support.

Businesses can purchase Quick Minutes and use them for a variety of purposes, such as training new employees, and enhancing the skills of current employees. You can even use Quick Minutes to install new software, set up a wireless network, increase system security as your business grows larger and more complex, or obtain training and advice on upgrading to Windows Operating System.

Quick Minutes can be used whenever you want, wherever you are. For instance, if your employees travel for sales meetings, trade shows or other events, you can use Quick Minutes to provide them with support for their on-the-road technical support needs.

Quick Minutes are available in 15-minute support increments. You can pre-purchase Quick Minutes and save them in your account for anytime use. The more you purchase, the more you save. You can view your pre-paid/earned minutes when you log in to your account.

All unused minutes are saved in your account. These minutes expire in 1 year after being purchased.

Starting at $35