Disaster Recovery Services

The best time to prevent disasters is before they happen, but nobody is perfect.  We can help you recover your data and get up and running again from any of the following scenarios:

Take a deep breath, and call us at (772) 807-7558. 

Here's what we will do:

Nobody can guarantee a perfect outcome in a disaster situation, but we'll provide all the skill and experience we have to create the best possible situation for you.

Virus Protection and Removal

Virus protection software is mandatory on all computers to prevent data disasters.  With that said, all virus software is not created equal. We strongly recommend using a centrally managed anti-virus system for businesses with three or more PCs.  There are several reasons that centrally managed software makes sense:

AVG Anti-Virus, our preferred anti-virus vendor, offers first class protection at a very reasonable price.  Deep discounts are available for schools, government, and non-profit organizations.

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